Key digital moments changing the auto industry

Back in November 2015, David Mogensen, Google's head of YouTube ads and former automotive marketer, wrote an intriguing article titled, The 5 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own. The article is loaded with relevant content around industry statistics, case studies and useful sources to help dealerships understand how to address changing consumers habits. Gone are the days when car shoppers started their journey at the dealership, as Mogensen describes by mastering these key digital moments changing the auto industry.       

BE THERE: With the majority of the car-shopping process moving online, it's crucial that you be there when and where people are looking. use the provided link to explore the 5 micro-moments and try going through each, as though you were in the market for a new car. Are you there at each step? Increasingly, that means being there when people are on the go. 

BE USEFUL: Beyond being there, consider how you can best meet people's needs at each step. If you work at a dealership, help make it easy for customers to do the things they do most, like value their trade-in, search for prices and inventory, or find your store. If you're a manufacturer, help when people are looking for videos and images of your cars, exploring configurations and building their own. And don't forget to make it all as easy on mobile as it is on desktop.

BE QUICK: Mobile phones have made us all impatient. We expect to find anything we need at the tips of our fingers. As a result, marketing cars is a bit like playing Jeopardy. It's not just about who has the right answer. It's also about who answers it the quickest. And the stakes for getting it wrong are high. If you aren't there with the right answer, the moment shoppers are looking, chances are someone else will be.

Today's best automotive retailers are adopting cloud solutions to power mobile apps, modernize websites, implement new CRM technologies, and leverage social media platforms to help connect with, advertise and attract more buyers. Cloud computing for the automotive industry is no longer a trend to follow. It's time an age old industry take a seat at the table and join the conversation.